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Health and Beauty Package Plans


Compare our health, wellness, and beauty packages to find the best fit.

The Glow Package

$240 *($40 savings)

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4 Mini Beauty Drips (10 min. each)


Loaded with Vitamin C and Glutathione (combining these two maximizes results)


Appointments must be booked every 1 - 2 weeks until sessions are complete

Pair with our Diamond Glow Facial

 (which increases results)

The Drip Package

$245 standard drips

*($40 savings)


$270 premium drips

*($40 savings)

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2 drips sessions

 scheduled within 2 months

Priority Booking

Standard drips include: State of the Art, Immunity Drip, and Migraine Alert

Premium drips include: Lipo drip, Beauty  and Detox Drip, Stress Relief, Brainstorm

The Injection Package

$100 B12 injections

  *($28 savings)


$120 Lipo injection

      *($35 savings)

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4 injections

Priority Booking

Schedule within 2 months

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