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All About Liquid BBL's

What Sets Us Apart

We are thrilled to introduce the latest breakthrough in natural beauty: Cellenis Derma Gel! This incredible natural dermal filler is revolutionizing the way we do liquid BBL!! 


Liquid BBL creates a more uniform result compared to surgical BBL. Since it utilizes Cellenis PRP (platelet rich plasm)Derma Gel rather than fat, it has skin-improving capabilities and can increase the skin’s overall elasticity. Although the procedure is an off-label treatment, it’s an easier way to obtain a better-shaped butt. In addition, by using fillers instead of fat (as with surgery), the butt looks more natural and has less bottom heaviness.

We use a PRP filler is filler that is collagen base to help increase volume and build collagen.

As we age, our collagen production decreases, leading to a loss of firmness and elasticity in the skin. This causes the collagen fibers to bulge, forming the characteristic honeycomb pattern of cellulite and decrease the appearance in volume in different areas of our body.

Cellenis Derma Gel is crafted from YOUR own body! Yes, your own body! We draw a small amount of your blood, spin it to separate the powerful Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), heat it to form a natural albumin matrix, and mix back in your own growth factors! This is the key to stimulating collagen and elastin formation, giving your peach some volume and improving the skin in that area as well.


Safe and no downtime! It can use in the buttocks, hip dips and even to treat cellulite. 

Last at least 2 years with proper care.

How do they work? 

Liquid BBLs add volume to specific areas, shaping and contouring for a better profile and a youthful hourglass silhouette. During the procedure, the targeted area is numbed with topical lidocaine, and the filler is carefully injected deep beneath the skin's surface to achieve the desired shape, lift, and fullness. While you'll see instant results, the desired look may require up to three sessions, six weeks apart.

The beauty of a liquid BBL lies in its versatility. You can focus on specific areas like hip dips or the upper buttocks or opt for an overall enhancement. With time, Cellennis Derma Gel, stimulate collagen growth for even more improvement after six weeks.

The amount of filler used depends on your desired boost. Subtle differences may require 1-2 syringes, while significant size increases may need upwards of 4-6 syringes, which can be done over time to achieve your desired result. Get ready to embrace a stunning new you with Liquid BBL!

1 syringe $300.00 

(average person needs at least 4-6 syringes)

Pricing & Specials


Book online or call today to book your appointment!!! 



$300 per syringe

(Best results start at at least 4-6 syringes, 

2-3 on each side)

 Every  Third Tuesday "Tox Tuesday":

Botox and Dysport $11/unit

 Xeomin $9.00/unit

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