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The SkinPen Service

Combat acne scars, large pores, dull skin, fine lines, and wrinkles with the power of microneedling. Our down-to-earth approach ensures you get the results you deserve without breaking the bank.

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The Experience

How it works:

Microneedling creates microchannels that stimulate your body's natural healing process, triggering new tissue and collagen production. This inside-out rejuvenation effectively remodels scar tissue while maintaining your skin's overall structure. Prepare to be amazed by the results!

What to Expect:

  • A customized treatment plan based on your goals

  • Comfortable procedure with a topical numbing agent

  • Short procedure time of approximately 30 minutes

  • Minimal post-procedure effects, such as slight pinkness or redness, similar to a mild sunburn

  • Soothing aftercare with Skinfuse® LIFT hydrogel

  • Effective pre and post-procedure protocol with a medical-grade skincare regimen

Long-Lasting Results:

Results vary depending on your skin and treatment goals. You'll start seeing benefits in about a week, with continuous improvement over 2-3 months as collagen and skin cells regenerate. Plasma facial effects can last up to 2 years, making 3-4 sessions ideal for ultimate results.



1 Session: $350

2 Sessions: $650 ($50 savings)

3 Sessions: $950 ($100 savings)

4 Sessions: $1200 ($200 savings)

We recommend 3-4 sessions for optimal results. Add your neck for only $75 more per session. Group rates are available for neck treatments.

SkinPen Precision Considerations:

  • Our treatment isn't suitable for active skin cancer, open wounds, or allergies to stainless steel or anesthetics

  • If you have a bleeding disorder or hemostatic dysfunction, are pregnant or nursing, or are taking isotretinoin drugs, we recommend holding off on this adventure for now.

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